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E-Learning Design & Development
Professional Development Certificate Program

What is E-Learning Design & Development?

E-Learning is the use of digital technology to facilitate and enhance learning and training. This use of technology has become so important in today's world that high schools, colleges, government organizations, nonprofit institutions, and businesses both large and small use e-learning to educate, train, inform, and coach.

Many people think of e-learning as traditional academic courses delivered over the internet. While this is certainly true, e-learning encompasses much more. Anyone who has taken driver's training online, used computer-based tech support for a PC, watched educational videos on television, listened to a podcast, or read a professional blog, has reaped the benefits of an e-learning product. Nearly all industries today use e-learning to further professional goals.

E-Learning Design & Development is an emerging and valuable career track for anyone looking to expand a professional portfolio. A certificate in E-Learning Design & Development gives you the opportunity to take your professional experience and unique industry knowledge and apply it in a new direction, while gaining proficiency with cutting edge technology.


The E-Learning Design certificate option is only available at this time with CalJOBS, which provides employment training for adults and dislocated workers. Learn more about CalJOBS.

E-Learning Design & Development Certificate Objectives

The E-Learning Design & Development program is comprised of three certificate tracks: E-Learning Design (fully online), E-Learning Development (hybrid), and the full E-Learning Design & Development Certificate, which includes both tracks. The E-Learning Design & Development Certificate is 7 courses (10.5 CEUs), and provides a rigorous training option for students interested in developing knowledge and skills in analysis, design, development and evaluation of e-learning. Designed for learning professionals from any field, this program introduces design theories and builds technical skills that apply to a variety of e-learning settings. The E-Learning Design & Development Certificate provides students with broad exposure to principles and applications of e-learning.

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