FUSION 360: Modeling & 3D Printing

Class Number: 10647

Spring 2020

ENGR 9181

1.8 CEUs


In this course students will learn how to become a 3D maker: solid modeling in the computer and the 3D printing process. Students will create a given model, and also design or improve models, using Sketch-Up and Inventor and Fusion 360, and then export the model for 3D printing. Using a slicing software, students will scale and position models on the printing platform, and learn about effective use of support material and other strategies for best print production. Students will experience setup and maintenance of the 3D printer. For context, the history of rapid prototyping and the current revolution in 3D printing applications will be covered, as well as a discussion of local resources, funding, and events for continued opportunities in small scale manufacturing and 3D invention.
Course Objectives:
1. Create and design a 3D model in computer software, using Sketch-Up, Inventor, and Fusion 360.
2. Export a 3D model for 3D printing.
3. Use a slicing software to effectively position, scale, and layer / slice a model in preparation for printing.
4. Set up and maintain a 3D printer.
5. Produce a small plastic model using a 3D printer.
6. Describe the past, present, and future applications of 3D printing.
7. Identify resources for further work in 3D invention.




Course fee: $495

Class Number: 10647

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