Autodesk® Authorized Training Center: Faculty

Lillian Crist

Lillian Crist is an animator, illustrator, programmer, web designer, and technical writer. Since 1990 Lillian has created 3D architectural walk-through animations, interactive presentations, and websites incorporating multimedia. She has developed numerous productivity tools using AutoLISP and MAXScript. Her skills are rooted in experience as a CAD manager and over a decade of production experience in both architectural and engineering firms.

Svetlana Kotova

Svetlana Kotova came to the U.S. from Belarus where she had many years of experience working as a designer and as an architect. Currently, she is working as a BIM Manager at the San Francisco Public Works Bureau of Architecture, developing BIM Standards, providing Revit training to employees, and managing and applying the latest building technologies to the studio projects. Some of her project management experience as a BIM Manager include Terminal 1 of the San Francisco International Airport, the Genentech Office Building in the South San Francisco Campus, and a variety of residential buildings in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Svetlana has a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the Belarusian National Technical University.

James L. Thomassen

James L. Thomassen is the founder of Inventive Perspective, LLC. James has worked in the Bay Area's Commercial Real Estate, Healthcare, and AEC industries specializing in hardware, software, network security, and LAN/WAN implementation for new and existing facilities. His skills include freehand rendering, CAD Management, and Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) and Integrated Workplace Management Software (IWMS). He also has expertise in Wi-Fi, wired, and telecom deployment.