Our Big Data Difference

​​The Big Data at San Francisco State University Difference

When you join us at the Big Data Certificate Program, you'll discover a unique, professional learning experience opportunity where you'll work collaboratively in small teams to solve real-world problems, while experienced subject matter experts guide you along the way. Our expert faculty will get you involved in all-class discussions about real-world case studies to help you develop your problem solving and decision making skills. You'll learn how the best firms in the industry are using data analytics to drive innovation, gain insights into customers and create and deliver valuable customer experiences from professional data analytics experts who use these strategies every day.

Why Expand Your Big Data Knowledge?

The field of data and analytics is evolving into one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand fields in the world. Organizations across industries are looking to make sense of the new ecosystem and technologies, providing their firms greater power and control over how they conduct business and provide value to customers.

Student participation in Big Data class

Demand & Opportunity

With the increasing use of data by firms looking to gain insights into customers and deliver unique and valuable customer experiences, the need to understand how to leverage data to improve decision making is more important than ever. The demand for professionals who know how to mobilize their knowledge of data continues to rise. Companies who can analyze and employ data strategies more effectively are beneficial to their customers and more profitable and longer lasting than most businesses.

Over the next several years, the job market is expected to explode for data savvy executives, as firms are creating new data analytic divisions. Functions and roles traditionally held by marketing, sales, IT and operations will be shifting toward new interdisciplinary data analytic divisions. ​


Education & Training

Our project-based, interdisciplinary curriculum is designed to train you and develop your technical and analytical skills, using data to drive decisions and identify unforeseen customer needs. In the Big Data Certificate Program you will receive hands-on training to prepare you to ask relevant questions, manage and lead others and communicate data related insights and strategies to senior management. You'll also leave with a Professional Big Data Capstone Portfolio of tools and resources to apply back at your organization.

Trio works together in Big Data class

Gain Strategic Advantage

To stay on top, business needs the data advantage and to adopt an information-based strategy. You'll learn the methodology and concepts needed to leap ahead of the competition.

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Become Engaged

With a commitment to building an energetic and collaborative learning environment, our expert faculty engage and inspire with real-world knowledge. Our SmartApp creates a fun way for you to interact with your peers and the faculty.

Student asks a question in Big Data class

Develop Practical Skills

Everything we do is to help you become better at your job and to help your firm achieve ROI. We make it easy to gain practical skills and knowledge to be immediately applied back at your organization.



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