What Students Are Saying

I have applied my certificate in Clinical Trials Design & Management to my ongoing responsibilities, received a promotion upon completion, and will shadow a monitor on our company's next two studies to experience some of what I learned firsthand. This certificate was exactly what I needed for my professional track.

Bethany S., Clinical Trials Design & Management Student

I was recently hired for a position with a Bay Area biotech company as the Clinical Information Manager of Investigator-Sponsored Trials, in the Medical Affairs group.

I'm really excited about my new position, and I'm convinced that had I not taken any Clinical Trials classes, I would not have been considered for the job.

I'm thrilled that the program helped me get into the industry. It will be really nice to be able to immediately relate the lectures to my day-to-day work, and I also feel it's important for me to continue taking classes, not only for my professional growth and to complete the certificate, but to also be part of a support network of instructors and fellow students.

Brenda H., Clinical Trials Student

Having completed the certificate program at SF State has really helped in my career. I work in clinical data management and my certificate has always helped me gain a little leverage by attracting potential employers. I now work for the Department of Veteran Affairs. So thank you, and great work.

Aileen B., Student, Clinical Trials Design & Management

Prior to enrolling in the Clinical Trials Design and Management certificate program, I had no experience in the industry. I had worked on a longitudinal study years ago, but without the benefit of GCP training. In just three months, I felt like I had learned a new language, and felt armed and ready to enter the field. My instructor felt my clinical background in health care would provide a great foundation, and through him, I landed my first CRA position with a small pharmaceutical company in the Bay Area. I could not be more pleased with this program, and the direction it has taken me.

Wendy Lin, Clinical Research Associate (CRA), KaloBios Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

I thought the Clinical Trials Management program at SF State was excellent. Every instructor I had in the program was really top notch. I learned a lot in the area of clinical trials, and I thought this program was well worth the effort.

Rebecca Z.

I am living proof the program is a benefit to participants...I finally made it. No doubt this is what I need to be doing at this time.

Lynda C.

I recently completed the San Francisco State University Certificate in Biotechnology Clinical Trials Design & Management program and was hired as a Clinical Trials Manager at a local biotech company.

This job is fantastic! I get to see what is going on in the clinic, I work closely with our CROs, and travel to sites. The professors gave me a good idea of what to expect in my new job so I wasn't surprised.

The SF State Clinical Trials program is solid. The depth of knowledge the professors have and the variety and thoroughness of classes are superlative. I use the information learned in these courses daily and continue to reference the class notes. The program is well rounded and gives enough detail to truly feel proficient.

Kat L.

With so many positive words of encouragement, I ventured my way from the front desk reception area to the world of clinical.

J. Taylor

I just wanted to say thank you, I really enjoyed the Good Clinical Practices (GCP) class. I think that hearing about the history and the landmark cases definitely provide a new perspective in understanding the evolving GCP. The most helpful part of the class I think was the exposure to additional materials such as warning letters, guidance documents, sample ICF, etc. It really complimented the learning of true GCP as it should be practiced that cannot be learned by simply studying the 21CFR / regulations. I am very excited about the new career in clinical studies. I think that this is one of the most exciting parts of drug development. This class more than others nurtured my enthusiasm in the field and I do look forward to more opportunities to have more advanced learning beyond the overview classes in school as well as at work place.

Lauren C.

Thank you again for all your help. I believe this program will give me an edge in my future biotech endeavor and hopefully a lot companies will see how valuable it is to have someone who understands GCP and clinical research in a preclinical trained scientist.

David C.

Having completed the certificate program at SF State has really helped in my career. I work in clinical data management, and my certificate has always helped me gain a little leverage by attracting potential employers. I now work for the Department of Veterans Affairs. So thank you, and great work!

Aileen B.