Professional Communication Skills

Professional Development Series

The courses in the Professional Communication Skills Series help adults refine their written and verbal communication skills so that they can effectively inform and persuade different audiences in different contexts.

Program Overview

Effective communication is recognized as crucial to enhance performance, both personally and professionally. Communication involves the whole range of ways in which people pass information or messages back and forwards in non-verbal, verbal and written formats. It includes the information they give and receive, how people make meaning of this information and how they use it.

Leading a team, giving a presentation, going into an interview, handing in that vital report — all these require communication skills.

Individuals most likely to be promoted and succeed have something in common: they communicate effectively. They listen actively, express ideas clearly, speak confidently and authentically, and write effectively.

Strengthening your communication skills enhances your professionalism, personal presence, and potential for advancement. No matter what your level, there is always opportunity to refine skills and increase impact.

Intended Audience

  • Managers looking to increase their leadership presence
  • Directors leading teams through projects
  • Teachers and trainers educating groups
  • Employees providing customer service
  • Any adult looking to increase their access, power, and effectiveness in professional settings

Program Objectives

Classes in the Professional Communication Skills program are designed for individuals who want to:

  • Learn and practice principles essential to good oral and written communication
  • Gain useful and pragmatic strategies for communicating in a variety of workplace situations
  • Speak, write, and listen with increased confidence and competence
  • Enhance leadership skills and opportunities for career promotion
  • Develop personal presence and greater self-trust
  • Learn in a supportive environment