Leadership and Motivation

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Class Number: 10933

Spring 2019

CP 9201

4.5 CEUs


Leadership can be learned. While some people are natural born leaders, the rest of us have to learn how to be good leaders. Leadership is one of the most important skills a construction supervisor can master.
Motivation is a subject of extreme importance to anyone who supervises people. Motivated workers are happier, more productive, more satisfied with their job and more willing to put forth extra effort. The leader who truly understands human motivation will find much success in this industry.

Learning objectives

By the end of this online class in leadership and motivation you should:
- Use various styles of leadership and determine what type of leadership behavior is appropriate for the situation
- Know the basics of the science of human motivation including the theories of Maslow and Hertzberg
- Be able to apply basic management skills, ideas and principles that will be allow you to function more efficiently as a construction supervisor
- Be able to lead by setting goals, by communicating openly and by setting a good example
- Be able to coach your workers to obtain the desired results
- Be able to get commitment from your workers and maintain control of your work crews

Textbook: Leadership and Motivation

STP Unit 1, Leadership and Motivation 6th Edition, Participants Manual
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Class Number: 10933

Please note the Class Number:10933. Enter it in the
Filter box on the Shopping Cart Class Schedule.

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