Contract Documents and Construction Law

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Class Number: 2154

Summer 2019

CP 9204

4.5 CEUs


This Contract Documents and Construction Law online course focuses on understanding the relationship between contract documents and the construction process. We will explore contractual relationships, legal roles and responsibilities, and contract types. Legal issues will be studied including regulatory issues, liens, bonds, insurance, and how standardized forms are used. General conditions clauses that affect levels of decision making authority, project close-out and the superintendent's role as agent of the contractor will be studied. We will study legal issues that often result in construction disputes including differing site conditions, time and schedule impacts, change orders and changed conditions. We will also study contract dispute resolution including negotiations, alternative dispute resolutions, and litigation of disputes.

Learning objectives

By the end of this class students will:

- Understand the importance of contract documents and construction law as they pertain to on site construction supervisors.
- Be able to understand and use common legal terms.
- Understand the different forms of formal dispute resolution including litigation, arbitration and mediation.
- Understand the roles of partnering in avoiding construction conflicts by communicating and building trust between contractual partied.
- Be able to differentiate between various contractual relationships by understanding the roles and responsibilities of contractual parties.
- Understand the different types of construction contracts and how the construction supervisors role may be affected by them.
- Be able to determine the levels of decision making authority and relationships as defined by the general conditions.
- Learn how to recognize, develop and manage a documentation system
- Understand the effects of changes as they are encountered and develop methods to react to potential conflicts resulting from changes.
- Know how to recognize differing site conditions and understand the importa




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Class Number: 2154

Please note the Class Number:2154. Enter it in the
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