Construction Planning and Scheduling



Fall 2022

CP 9205

Class Number: 11331
4.5 CEUs
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Students will learn how to plan, prepare and update construction project schedules in this course. We will study construction planning and will practice preparing a project plan.
Through the use of case studies we will learn how to define construction activities, determine activity duration, and assemble the activities into a logical construction schedule. We will learn to create and use bar charts and critical path schedules.
Methods for communication of the project plan will be applied in work shop type activities. We will study the use of computers in construction scheduling and investigate some of the popular scheduling programs currently in use. Other topics to be studies will include: assigning constraints, inputting resources, formatting options, sorting and filtering. Updating the schedule and the use of short interval production schedules will be stressed. Applying scheduling information to change orders, payment schedules and acceleration situations will be studied.

Learning objectives

By the end of this Planning and Scheduling class students will:
- Become familiar with the process of project planning and the efficiencies derived from planning.
- Be able to define schedule activities and assign reasonable durations to the activities.
- Know how to sequence the activities for logical project flow.
- Be able to prepare a short procurement schedule.
- Be able to prepare a bar chart schedule and use it properly.
- Learn about schedule float and understand how float can be used to delay or lengthen activities and to smooth manpower requirements.
- Be familiar computerized scheduling and understand both its limitations and advantages.
- Be able to apply constraints, sorts and filters to a computer generated schedule.
- Understand what resources are and how they can be coordinated with the schedule.
- Know how to use the schedule as a resource for crew and manpower assignments.
- Be able to apply methods for monitoring, comparing and updating the project sche




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Class Number: 11331

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