Customer Experience Curriculum


Introduction to Customer Experience

We’ll define Customer Experience as used throughout this course and discuss the customer experience discipline. What makes a company customer-centric, and what elements endear these brands to us?

  • Study industry leaders, their structure and culture, and cite examples of those not so expert in the field.
  • Discuss the elements of customer experiences that delight, what sets those companies apart, and what leads to a losing brand.
  • Create a scorecard to help identify the crucial elements that set industry leaders apart from the rest.



Customer Experience: A Strategy for Success

Learn why Customer Experience excellence requires a commitment from corporate leadership. The Customer Experience Certificate course provides a blueprint for discussions with your senior management, with concepts that can be put into effect at your company immediately. Learn how to integrate the customer experience into your company’s business strategy and culture. You’ll improve engagement, retention and customer loyalty, resulting in increased revenue, and higher employee satisfaction.

  • Learn what a customer-centric organization looks like and methods to get there.
  • Discover the elements required for a compelling customer experience plan.
  • Create the objectives, key results and roadmap to achieve your customer experience targets.



Your Customers, Their Journey

Understand your customers’ complete journey with your company and the personas of those customers who are using your products and services. The Customer Experience Journey Map is a valuable tool for gaining insights into your customer’s interactions with your company. It provides a templated approach to help you improve communications, analysis, planning, management and innovation.

  • Develop informative customer personas and capture experiences and emotions.
  • Understand critical customer views of interactions across multi-channel touchpoints.



Improve Customer Experience with Data

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. To positively impact your Customer Experience initiatives, use data to connect the dots between your customer service, revenue generation, cost savings, and ROI. Key metrics such as customer churn, share of market, (NPS) Net Promoter Scores, and cost of acquisition, must be measured and tie to your bottom line.

  • Explore best practices that drive Customer Experience excellence for immediate business outcomes.
  • Link customer experience initiatives with revenue, costs and profitability.
  • Develop relevant, actionable KPIs for your organization.



Customer-Focused Innovation

The bar for the Customer Experience has been raised. Savvy companies are adopting innovation and new technologies to keep pace with the consumer’s expectations. Customer-focused Innovation is a blend of theory, practice, strategy, and invention.

  • Apply creative strategies that support innovation and break down roadblocks.
  • Gain deeper insights into your customers’ expectations.
  • Improve customer experience while adding value to delight your customers.



Customer Relationship Building

Customer Experience is dependent on the relationships you build with your customers. World-class customer service companies are in constant contact with their customers at every step of the journey. The Customer Relationship Development Model identifies core elements to build these communications/relationships and improve overall experiences. Through collaboration and ideation, create a maturity matrix explicitly designed for your business.

  • Apply modern ideation and relationship building models.
  • Develop a Customer Experience-based Customer Relationship Maturity Matrix.
  • Apply the CRM (Customer Retention Management) Technology Framework for Customer Experience.



The Customer Experience Culture

A customer-focused culture puts the customer at the center point of everything the company does. The customer is all-powerful. Without the customer, there are no sales, no revenues, no profit. It’s time to educate yourself and your workforce to create a customer-first culture that positions you for the greatest, longest-term success.

  • In this session, we deconstruct cutting-edge customer-centric cultures to help set the vision and goals for your organization.
  • Learn how to engage your staff in fun and exciting ways to put the customer first.
  • Illustrate how cross-functional collaboration can deliver your brand promise and exceptional customer experiences.



Navigating Politics of Change

There is a significant disconnect between how a company assesses its customer’s experience and the actual unfulfilled expectations of customers. Addressing this disconnect requires change. Digital marketing and social media are driving change. If you haven’t adapted and become more customer-focused already, you’re falling behind.

Your organization must evolve or be left behind. It takes a leader to navigate these waters and get your entire organization marching to the same drummer. Are you ready? Arm yourself with these requisite leadership skills.

  • Gain senior management support to drive adoption across your entire organization.
  • Jumpstart your role by recognizing small wins by others.
  • Be a change-agent for customer experience-first thinking.


Capstone Project & Your Customer Experience Portfolio

Throughout the program, you’ll work on your personal Capstone Project. Each program module feeds into a highlighted section of your plan. At the program’s conclusion, we’ll deliver your Customer Experience Capstone, your Customer Experience Strategic Plan, a practical blueprint ready for discussion with your senior management and which can be put into effect at your company immediately. You’ll also receive a Professional Customer Experience Portfolio of tools and resources.

The Capstone is critical to the success of incorporating the Customer Experience framework into your company.

You'll also build-out your own Professional Customer Experience Portfolio, completed throughout the hands-on activities in the program.




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