We Customize the Customer Experience Program for Organizations

Imagine the benefits of an SF State Customer Experience certificate program customized for your organization and delivered on-site by our faculty and leadership team. Our team of industry experts, thought leaders in the customer experience space, consult with top corporations around the globe and can tailor the course to meet your unique needs. Benefits include reduced T&E, less time away from the office, and a curriculum aligned to your specific issues leading to an increased ROI for firms. Contact us today to schedule a time to discuss your particular needs.

Prepare your team to learn new methodologies developed by top companies to enhance the Customer Experience in your organization.



Team working together in Customer Experience corporate training session

Develop Your Professional Customer Experience Team

Don’t Compete for Customer Experience Professionals – Develop Them. Sending a dedicated team of employees to the program is the optimal way to leverage the course’s benefits. In the Capstone portion of the class, your team will be challenged to solve a real-world issue facing the organization. Our faculty will facilitate discussions, pose appropriate questions, and provide recommendations and solutions to be implemented after the course.

An ongoing mentoring program is also available to assist in executing the Capstone Strategic Plan to ensure the program delivers the organization’s objectives.


Corporate Program FAQ

Can the SF State Customer Experience Program be delivered on-site to my company?
Absolutely! We collaborate with your leaders to customize an on-site program to deliver the skills and tools your employees need. If you're interested in a custom program for your organization or team, please contact our program staff.

Can we tailor the program to address our specific business challenges during a corporate program?
Of course. To optimize your return, we encourage this. With your leadership’s input, we will customize the course to ensure your program focuses on the issues your business is facing today. Our faculty will serve as mentors, helping to identify and quantify your issues, and advisors, helping your teams develop appropriate solutions to be implemented after the program.

How many of our employees can attend the program?
We do not restrict attendance at corporate Customer Experience programs. The key to a successful course is to ensure we have the proper number of faculty present to create an ideal learning situation for your team.

Will my employees be required to work "after-hours" on homework assignments?
We are aware that your employees are essential to your bottom line. The course design will require your employees’ participation, input, and collaboration with their team members. The course will be structured so that all work will be completed during the course sessions.

Will our employees earn a SF State certificate?
We understand that completing the SF State Customer Experience program and earning the certificate is important to your employees. We also know that the certificate will enhance your team’s credibility within the company. We will partner with your organization’s leadership team to ensure that the appropriate content, skills, tools and knowledge are provided for certificate achievement.


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