Custom Programs for Corporations

Our faculty consult with corporations and can help deliver the program on-site at your corporation. Custom program can reduce expenses and generate increased ROI for firms by tailoring the curriculum to your real business needs. Contact us to discuss how we can create a program suited to your organization.




Team Experiential Learning Projects

Sending teams of three-five employees to the program is an excellent way to leverage the benefits of the course. During the Capstone portion of the class, teams can solve a real business issue facing the firm. Our faculty serve as advisors to create solutions that may be implemented after the course. Post-class mentoring is available to help execute the Capstone Projects and ensure the program generates positive business outcomes for the firm.


Cybersecurity Custom Corporate Program FAQ

Is it possible to bring the program to my company?
Yes. We partner closely with your organization to create a custom, on-site professional program to educate your employees. If you are interested in a custom program for your organization or team, please contact our program director using the "Request Information" button.

Can we work on our own challenges during the program?
Yes, in fact, we encourage this. We’ll strive to ensure your custom program focuses on the actual issues facing your business. Our faculty will work as advisors and mentors, addressing your concerns and helping your teams collaborate in developing solutions that can be implemented after the program.

How many employees can we include in the program?
We work with large and small groups and will make sure that the proper number of faculty is present to create an ideal learning situation for your team.

How much of my employee’s "after-hours" should they expect to spend on homework?
The workday is busy, and we know that your employees are important to your bottom line. For this reason, the majority of work will be completed during the course sessions, as interactive assignments, thought-provoking exercises, and collaborative team projects. They may want to spend time reviewing their notes and organizational issues to bring to the class the next day.

Will our employees still earn a Cybersecurity program certificate?
We know that completing the Cybersecurity program and achieving the Certificate is important for your team’s credibility across the company. Working with your organization’s team, we will ensure that the correct materials, skills and knowledge are provided to achieve the certificate.

Can our employees receive academic credit?
At this time, we do not offer academic credits for program completion.


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