Corporate Benefits of Design Thinking

Develop ​a Custom Design Thinking Program for Your Organization

The faculty of our program comprises of subject matter experts and leading innovators who consult global businesses and industries and help deliver the Design Thinking certificate program on-site at your offices. In addition to reducing expenses, customized programs help increase ROI for organizations by aligning the curriculum to the specific needs of the business. Schedule a call or email us to discuss your particular needs.




Team Experiential Learning Projects

Another option is to have a group of 3 - 5 team members in a program that provides an excellent opportunity to leverage the benefits of the course. The team can solve a real business problem by creating a solution for your organization. As our faculty members are subject matter experts, they guide the team as advisers, helping develop human-centric solutions that can be tested and used by the organization. Mentoring is also available after the program to help implement team projects and ensure the program generates positive business results for the organization.



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