Our Design Thinking Difference

​​The Design Thinking Difference at San Francisco State University

Leading brands in the world have rapidly adopted the Design Thinking approach to be more human-centric. San Francisco and the Bay Area is the hub of innovation and design thinking. With our certificate program you will experience an innovative learning environment where you work with peers in teams. You will be able to have hands-on experience with real-world challenges and use your knowledge to rediscover and approach solutions while being guided by industry experts. Throughout the program, the focus is to understand human behavior and create deep insights, articulate needs and desires, generate and iterate design solutions, and test them in the real-world.

Why Enroll in the Design Thinking Program?


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Upgrade Your Career Using Innovative Skills

Design Thinking knowledge helps you understand and face the challenges of today’s competitive environment in any industry; by helping create innovative solutions to solve problems.


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Ideation to Action

The program provides hands-on training to the students to create an action plan that can have practical applications for their business or organization.


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Online or Classroom Program Options

Learn online for 8 weeks or in a classroom for 4 days.


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Subject Matter Experts

The program is led by thought leaders and experts in design thinking who create new strategies and innovative techniques to transform your business or organization to have a more human-centric approach.



San Francisco Location, California
Online or on-site at your location


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