Understanding Aggression in Schools




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Fall 2022

EDUC 503

Class Number: 11297
3 Units
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[Online Course] This course is about violence in America, about aggression in our schools, classrooms, streets, homes and elsewhere. The course speaks of the hatred, the fights, the anger, the crimes committed and the victims in our schools and society. This course covers the history of aggression in America and the many forms of aggression, both criminal and otherwise; its costs and motivation; its perpetrators and targets, its likely and unlikely locations; its impact on our schools, the children; and most especially its promising solutions. Topics of interest include violence and the challenge of raising and working with children; aggression in our classrooms; American youth gangs and their influence; past and future sports violence; "hot spot" locations of frequent violence; and the aggression-promoting role of alcohol, temperature, driving, television and other features of modern life. The course will also answer questions such as: Is aggression always bad? How do aggressive thoughts lead to aggressive actions? Is aggression, at least for some people, an addiction? How are the acts of aggression dealt with in other countries, and are there any lessons for America? The goal of this course is to help educators and adults understand a little better how aggression affects our lives and the lives of our children. Hopefully, with greater understanding and more skilled efforts at prevention aggression and violence in American schools will be reduced.




Course Fee: $540

Class Number: 11297


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