Adaptive Prototyping in E-Learning (1.8CEU)



Fall 2022

ITEC 9825

Class Number: 11214
1.8 CEUs
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This course gives a brief survey and introduction to the most common e-learning development tools used in instructional design and content development. Programs such as Camtasia, Lectora, and Articulate are explored. Software programs selected for demonstration are based on current industry trends and may change each term, since the e-learning industry is a quickly changing environment and the goal of this course is to give students a broad appreciation of current e-learning production methods. The course objectives inlcude:
* Providing an initial method by which students can implement the multimedia scripts created in the previous scriptwriting course.
* Allowing the student to create a simple portfolio of production pieces that can be built upon and customized.
* Giving the student a solid framework and comfort with rapid production methods that can be used in client presentations and stakeholder meetings.



Class Number: 11214

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