Event & Meeting Planning Fast Track Certificates

Professional Development Certificate

The SF State Extended Learning Event & Meeting Planning Mini Certificates have been developed to give students a fast-track approach to learning the common components of managing and planning well-executed meetings and events. Take advantage of our Event Management, Corporate and Association Events, and Special Events fast tracks by completing each certificate in five class meetings and receive 35 hours of Continuing Education Units towards CMP Exam Requirements.

The program has been designed by event meeting and industry professionals to meet the current trends of the industry. The program offers practical and focused curricula taught by instructors with current first-hand experience in their fields. After completing four courses, students are eligible for an internship.

What does an event and meeting planner do?

Below are some of the key tasks that a full-service event planner performs for the clients:

  • Determine clients' needs and expectations
  • Plan and create the overall design of events
  • Develop timelines and production schedules
  • Manage operations teams or support staff
  • Coordinate and provide service to the clients and vendors as needed
  • Oversee all aspects of the event execution
  • Select and secure appropriate vendors to supply all components of the event
  • Monitor and evaluate the event


After taking the whole program, I am very pleased to have clear ideas and insights on what should be done to successfully manage meetings and events and how to prepare myself to meet client's objectives. Negotiation, contracts, and on-site management were especially helpful and gave me valuable guidelines. I plan to start my own business in the meeting & event sector in Korea. I strongly believe that I can apply what I have learned from these courses to the reality of the profession.

Cho Hyum Man: Seoul, Korea