Managing Murphy's Law

Class Number: 10875

Fall 2019

MTGP 9052

0.7 CEU


Even with the best planning of an event, things can and do go wrong. You can't manage the crisis, but you can manage your response to it. The possible types of crisis will be identified and discussed--facility-related, speaker-related, medical emergencies, fire, natural occurrences, labor disputes/demonstrations, terrorism, and war (to mention a few). The class learns to establish a response team--who should be included, their responsibilities, and when to meet. The importance of document back-up is discussed. Other topics to be covered include elements of a response plan, dealing with the media and the various activities to provide while on-site at the event.




* Class meets at the Downtown Campus in the Westfield San Francisco Centre, 835 Market Street.

Class Number: 10875

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