New Course: 2D & 3D Mapping with Drones


Take your mapping skills to new heights with our new course, 2D & 3D Mapping with Drones. Capture imagery with drone-mounted cameras and learn to analyze and transform that imagery into 2D maps with multispectral imagery, and 3D maps with georeferencing.

What You Will Learn

  • Methods of field image capture with drones, under the direction of a licensed remote pilot
  • How to apply methods of gathering ground control and on-board georeferencing data (GPS) to make accurate maps and 3D models
  • Mission planning for image capture flights
  • Skills to analyze the field site conditions necessary for accurate, safe and legal image capture, and to assess the conditions in the field for image capture
  • Computer Processing using photogrammetric software (Pix4D) and ArcGIS
  • How to generate a georeferenced image and map from the imagery, using multispectral imagery including the near infrared and vegetation indices for displaying vegetation health
  • How to generate a 3D model of a landform feature or other structure, as well as a georeferenced image with topographic contours
Drone aerial photograph over Knuthson Meadow in the Sierras

Aerial photography and mapping drone


Course Topics

  • Field Image Capture methods: unpiloted aircraft system (UAS) design, camera/sensor characteristics, mission planning considering suitable conditions, ensuring accuracy and requirements for specific mapping needs
  • Field Image Capture at a campus site approved by the UAS Review Board
  • Capture of ground control and other georeferencing data at the field site
  • Ground control survey with GPS and survey equipment
  • Importing image data into photogrammetrlc (Plx4D) and GIS (ArcGIS) software
  • Production of multispectral Image and NOVI products from image captures
  • Production of 3D models and contour map from image captures

Course Details & Registration

This class will be held Friday - Sunday, June 15 - 17, 2018. Registration starts April 24, 2018. View the course description for class details and to register.

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