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We live in a globalized world and economy today with information at our fingertips. Remote work has become a quintessential part of a professional career. With the current pandemic around the world “working from home” has become the norm for businesses, industries and organizations. Overnight teams had to be working remotely, supporting customers and businesses as they would while working in an office. Virtual and remote work is vital today and is achieved through digital connections.

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In the Going Virtual online certificate program, you will explore the challenges and opportunities that arise due to working remotely. Subject matter experts and industry leaders train you with key tactics and essential take-aways to manage virtual projects and teams. In today’s competitive environment, it is essential that one knows how to work virtually and manage teams and projects remotely. These skills are essential in any business or industry and are very transferable to any part of a team.

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Building High-Performing Remote Teams

Working remotely presents both opportunities and challenges. Through group exercises and team projects, participants will identify both and learn how to leverage the opportunities while avoiding the pitfalls.


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Managing Remote Team Projects

Managing remote teams requires new strategies for building trust, encouraging engagement and establishing commitment. Participants will learn how to align mission, goals and metrics to keep virtual team projects on schedule and improve overall outcomes.


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Managing Diversity in Virtual Teams

As organizations go virtual, teams are likely to become more diverse and multicultural. This brings both opportunities and challenges. This program will identify those opportunities and challenges and participants will learn strategies for managing cultural issues and best practices for improving a team's cultural intelligence. Increased cultural sensitivity will help teams increase productivity and expand their effectiveness.


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Metrics & Analytics for Virtual Teams

One of the biggest challenges of moving to a remote team is holding individuals and teams accountable and ensuring full transparency. Participants will learn best practices for using technologies and processes to ensure that teams and individuals drive measurable outcomes that drive profit to the bottom line.




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