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Cost: $3,120 Fundamentals, $5,460 Professional


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What Students Say


Erik J. Pelayo



“I am the type of professional who is always seeking opportunities where I can learn and grow from real, experienced professionals. The high-caliber education and professional instructors at SF State have always challenged me to keep growing as a person and as a professional in the ever-competitive job market.”

Erik J. Pelayo,





Industry Stats



Projected human resource specialists job growth in California, 2014 - 2024*


Average salary for human resource specialists in the Bay Area**


*2017 CA Gov. EDD Labor Market Information Division
**Bureau of Labor Statistics: 2019 average salary in Bay Area, CA




About the HRM Program



The Human Resource Management Certificate Program teaches students how to develop staff, analyze processes and evolve workplace culture.

The program offers two certificates:

  • Human Resource Management: Fundamentals (11.2 CEU)
  • Human Resource Management: Professional (8.4 CEU)

Students may take individual courses based on professional goals (and prerequisites) or complete a full certificate.


Who Are Our Students?

This program serves students at many levels including those who are new to the HR field along with practicing professionals seeking career growth, and those studying for industry certifications. Find out more about our students in the Student Spotlight.

Program Objectives

  • Explore current HR trends and practices
  • Produce plans that attract, compensate, retain and develop employees
  • Integrate the goals of the organization and the employee experience to achieve greater organizational health and an equity-based culture
  • Prepare for HR certifications

Cost & Length of Study

  • Human Resources Management: Fundamentals Certificate
    Eight required classes completed in two years
    Cost: $3,120
  • Human Resources Management: Professional Certificate
    Choose six additional courses of interest with an additional two years for completion
    Cost: $5,460

The HR Profession

The Human Resource Management Program provides a foundation to effectively apply proven HR practices in attracting and retaining motivated employees in support of organizational goals. HR professionals in our programs prepare for industry certifications, learn about current trends and how to partner with leadership to create a thriving workplace culture.


Prepare for certification by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The College of Extended Learning is an SHRM Recertification Provider.


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