Human Resource Management (HRM): Fundamental Issues Program

Professional Development Certificate

The Human Resources Management Profession

Founded in 1993, the Human Resource Management Certificate Program teaches proven human resource practices and current people operations approaches that prepare students to lead responsibly, partner with leadership strategically and create a thriving workplace culture.


The Human Resource Management Certificate Program teaches students how to develop staff, analyze processes, and evolve workplace culture.

The program offers four fast-track Human Resource (HR) certificates:

  • HR Practices
  • HR Management
  • HR Leadership
  • HR for Non-HR Practitioners

Students may take individual courses or they may take the four, eight, 12, or 16 courses required to earn the different certificates.

Intended Audience

Students in this program are at different points in their HR careers. Some students are new to the industry, while others want to increase their knowledge in order to stay current with or move up in the HR field.

Program Objectives

  • Contrast historical HR practices with current approaches
  • Produce a plan that attracts, compensates, retains and develops employees
  • Integrate the goals of the organization and the employee experience to achieve greater organizational health and an equity-based culture

Cost & Length of Study*

Each fast-track certificate consists of four or eight courses. The four-course certificates cost approximately $1,560 and the eight-course certificate costs approximately $3,120, each with a $50 certificate application fee.

* Subject to change