HR Technologies

Class Number: 10668

Spring 2020

HRM 9330

1.4 CEUs


(Formerly HR Technologies and Collecting Data)

This course provides students an overview of the types of systems used in HR that support the employee life cycle. Topics covered include purpose of systems, importance of good business processes and data accuracy, system implementation, and reporting. The class provides students the opportunity to perform hands-on activities with an HRIS and reporting in Excel.

Learning objectives:
- Understanding the different types of HR systems and how they are used.
- Gaining hands-on experience accessing information and entering data in an HRIS.
- Gaining understanding of HR metrics and reporting.




Course fee: $390
*Class will meet face to face for 10 hours total. 4 equivalent hours of assignments will be online.

Class Number: 10668

Spring 2020 Refund Information

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