Medical Interpretation Online (4.5CEU)



Fall 2022

MLL 9917

Class Number: 11161
4.5 CEUs
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Prerequisites: Introduction to Interpreting, Sight Translation, and Consecutive Interpretation I. This self-study online course is designed for students who wish to take the Certified Medical Interpreter (CMI) exam of the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters. Emphasis is placed on the development of terminology related to all human organ systems and the diseases associated with each system. Students will apply their sight translation and consecutive interpretation skills to scenarios specific to the medical field and the workers' compensation system. This course will also give an overview of the laws and regulations governing the medical interpretation profession. Students must pass a proctored exam at the end of the course to receive a passing grade.





Prerequisites: MLL 400: Introduction to Interpretation, MLL 401: Sight Translation, and MLL 403: Consecutive Interpretation I with a grade C or better.

PLEASE NOTE: Students who don't meet the prerequisites, will be dropped the first day of class.

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Class Number: 11161

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