Student Spotlight

Spanish/English Interpretation Graduate, Angelica Ortiz-Cichocki

“It was impressive to see how effective the program is at conveying topics online. The instructors did an excellent job at creating a positive and constructive atmosphere.”

Spanish/English Interpretation Graduate, Liliana Perdomo

“I really enjoyed being able to take the classes online, at my pace. It is not an easy program at all. You need a lot of discipline and commitment. But with the guidance of the wonderful teachers and the resources provided, I think I am going into the right path of passing the Court Interpreter State Exam.”

Liliana Perdomo

Spanish/English Interpretation Student, Patricia Juárez

“Online classes are a little new to me so I was worried about not being able to get that one-on-one feedback structure. Luckily, I really felt like I got great feedback here. The instructors really spend so much time answering questions online and always made themselves available for online video conferences.”

Patricia Juárez