Marketing Certificate

The Marketing certificate program will be discontinued as of fall 2021. Please contact the College of Extended Learning for further information.

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Students may take individual courses, the four required to earn a fast-track certificate, or all 12 courses to earn the Marketing Certificate.

Fast-Track Marketing Essentials

Required Courses

  • SMM 9110: Marketing Principles
  • SMM 9120: Marketing Research & Consumer Behavior
  • SMM 9140: Brand Building: Identity, Equity & Loyalty
  • SMM 9160: Copywriting

Fast-Track Digital Marketing

Required Courses

  • SMM 9300: Digital Marketing Essentials
  • SMM 9320: Mobile & Location-based Marketing
  • SMM 9340: Search Engine Marketing: SEO/SEM
  • SMM 9360: Optimization: Landing Pages, Testing, & Analytics

Fast-Track Social Media Marketing

Required Courses

  • SMM 9500: Leveraging Social Media Platforms
  • SMM 9520: Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • SMM 9540: Effective Social Media Campaigns
  • SMM 9560: Metrics & Evaluation



Full Marketing Certificate (14.4 CEU) 12 courses $4,500
Fast-Track Marketing Essentials Certificate (4.8 CEU) 4 courses $1,500
Fast-Track Digital Marketing Certificate (4.8 CEU) 4 courses $1,500
Fast-Track Social Media Marketing Certificate (4.8 CEU) 4 courses $1,500


Courses are graded on a credit/no credit basis, usually requiring in-class participation, group projects or short assignments. Students must attend all class sessions of a course in order to earn a grade of Credit.

Certificate of Completion Request

Once you have completed the necessary coursework, submit the Certificate of Completion Request Form: