The Multimedia, Design & Development certificate program will be discontinued as of fall 2020. New students taking classes starting in summer 2020 will not be eligible to earn the certificate. Please contact the College of Extended Learning for further information.

Questions? Contact sfsucel@sfsu.edu.



Angelia Baxter

Angelia M. Baxter, CUA is a passionate, user-focused UX/UI design consultant with over 20 years experience translating complex business requirements into simplified, usable and aesthetically pleasing solutions. Angelia is the founder of her own design consultancy firm, The Kreativ Studio, and has provided remote and in-house support to various enterprise and small business clients for over ten years. She has managed multi-site design teams, led design partnership efforts, spearheaded several standardization projects and traveled internationally to support design efforts and partnerships. Angelia is a creative problem solver with one of her most notable strengths being her ability to effectively consider multiple inputs and constraints to create well-balanced results. She enjoys mentoring other aspiring creatives and has previously taught UX design at Imparture and General Assembly in San Francisco.

Ryan Hanau

I’m a User Experience (UX/UI) design leader working internationally with 24+ years of experience (beginning in 1995) creating highly usable products and interfaces. I'm currently the Creative Director of a Cognigencia, a design studio in SF and have held senior roles at Oracle, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Motorola. I see my role as building bridges between humans and machines and companies/organizations following an evidence-based methodology relying on data-driven decision making. I also spend my time building bridges between different project stakeholders—business, product, engineering, QA, UA, marketing, end-users and others.

I have a broad range of skills encompassing both design management as well as creativity, strategy, visual design, and user research. I am equally comfortable with a large variety of research methodologies (qualitative and quantitative). These days I mostly perform the role of a team leader, but I also enjoy providing creative direction and doing hands-on work. For me, the two go hand-in-hand. My management style is to lead by doing. Ultimately, I believe in the power of teams.

David Hogue

David M. Hogue, Ph.D. is a UX Design Manager at Google in the San Francisco Bay Area where he leads an internationally distributed team of designers, researchers and prototypers. He is an applied psychologist with more than 15 years of experience in user experience design and has designed web and mobile sites and applications for numerous consumer-facing brands. David Hogue is a lead faculty for Mobile UX/UI Design area of study for the Multimedia, Design & Development program.

Wioleta Kaminska

Wioleta Kaminska is a graphic designer and media artist focused on video production, motion design and digital storytelling. She holds an MFA in Design from the California College of the Arts, an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Warsaw, Poland and a BA in ESL Teaching from the University of Gdansk, Poland. Her video installations have been shown internationally in art festivals and gallery exhibitions and have been featured in numerous publications worldwide. In 2015 Wioleta was an artist in residence at the Headlands Center for the Arts (film/video/new media). Her professional background also includes working as a design researcher on a project for a Fortune 100 client, strategy consulting, teaching motion and graphic design classes to design and art students, curricula design, and preparing students for Cambridge ESOL exams with British Council.

Denise Richards

Denise Richards is a graphic designer, documentary filmmaker, photographer, and instructional designer. Her particular field of interest is Visual Anthropology and much of her creative work focuses on cultural diversity. Her film and CD-ROM on the Day of the Dead are shown at festivals around the world and have been incorporated into the curriculum of universities throughout the country. Her photographs were recently part of an exhibit (Oakland Museum) on the use of kites in cultural rituals around the world. Ms. Richards holds an M.A. in Instructional Design and teaches in the Instructional Technology graduate program at SF State's main campus, as well the Multimedia, Design & Development program.