Web Design Intensive

Web Design Intensive

The Web Design Intensive is designed to provide business professionals with an understanding and some hands-on experience in the web design process including fundamentals of web design and development and hands-on practice using cutting-edge tools from Adobe Systems. This course is geared towards students who need an introduction to modern web design techniques.



Estimated Time & Cost*

The Web Design Intensive is scheduled to be completed over three weeks (Fridays and Saturdays) and costs $1500. Students pay the course fees at the time of registration.


There are no formal requirements, but students are advised to fulfill the prerequisites prior to enrolling in advanced-level courses.

*Subject to change

Professional Credit:
Continuing Education Units

Credit is recorded as continuing education units (CEU), which provide a standard of measurement for non-degree educational experiences. Continuing education units cannot be applied to a degree.

This introductory web design intensive allows students to learn Learn HTML5, Photoshop and other Adobe Creative Suite applications.


Weekend 1

The technology, terminology and hardware of web publishing will be demystified. An overview of web production workflow and the steps of Planning, Prototyping, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment, and Maintenance will be presented. The class will use Dreamweaver to design basic websites. Key web design best practices will be covered for CSS-based design. Please bring a keychain "flash" drive to the class.


Weekend 2

In this module you will learn the current issues in web graphics and create your own web graphics using Photoshop. You will incorporate these images into a small website of your own design in Dreamweaver.


Weekend 3

This lecture/hands-on session will cover the basics of Animate CC. The class will orient you to the Animate CC interface and the various tools that are part of the application. Then you will add the animation to the site using Dreamweaver.


Total Hours

3 CEU (30 Hours)