Music/Recording Industry: Certificate

Music/Recording Industry Certificate

The certificate program requires completion of 24 semester units. Nine of these units are to be taken from the general required courses listed below. The emphasis track courses for audio engineering or music business music be completed as well. The remaining units may be chosen from the list of elective courses. Students are also required to take a minimum of two workshops prior to completion of the program.

Music/Recording Industry Certificate Program Admission

See Academic Credit Certificate Requirements.

To be admitted to the MRI program, students should have at least 60 units of academic credit with a minimum GPA of 2.0 or sufficient experience to demonstrate that they can perform upper division work. However, students who do not have 60 units are encouraged to apply and may be admitted to the program on a conditional basis.

General Required Courses

  • MRI 310 Beginning Music Recording Workshop (3 units)
  • MRI 350 History of the Popular Music Industry (3 units)
  • MRI 360 Legal Aspects of the Music/Recording Industry (3 units)

Audio Engineering Emphasis - Required Courses

  • MRI 315 Intermediate Music Recording Workshop (3 units)
  • MRI 316 Pro Tools 101 (1 unit)
  • MRI 320 Music Mixing Workshop (3 units)
  • MRI 430 Advanced Audio Production I (Sharkbite Studios) (3 units)
  • MRI 380 Field Study in Audio Engineering (Internship Course) (1-3 units)

Music Business Emphasis - Required Courses

  • MRI 331 Introduction to the Music Industry (3 units)
  • MRI 355 Music Industry Career Planning (3 units)
  • MRI 362 Music Publishing (3 units)
  • MRI 380 Field Study in Music Business (Internship Course) (1-3 units)

Elective Courses

  • MRI 312 Abelton Live (1 unit)
  • MRI 313 EDM Production (1 unit)
  • MRI 330 Music Business Publicity (3 units)
  • MRI 334 Popular Music Marketing (3 units)
  • MRI 336 The Art & Business of Songwriting (2 units)
  • MRI 340 Music Artist Management (3 units)

Music/Recording Industry Certificate Application

Certificate of Completion Request

Once you have completed the necessary coursework, submit the Certificate of Completion Request Form: