Intermediate Music Recording


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The Music/Recording Industry certificate is under review and is not admitting new students at this time. Please contact the College of Extended Learning for further information.

Class Number: 10827

Fall 2019

MRI 315

3 Units


Fourteen three hour sessions will be held at Skyline Studios, in Oakland. Students will experience a series of a hands-on, rigorous recording sessions with live bands. Students will work with an extensive microphone collection, learn about microphone placement, patching, high-end microphone preamps, building headphone mixes, tracking and overdubbing on a fully loaded Pro Tools 9 HD3 system. The music will range widely, and past classes have included rock, pop, country, punk, hardcore, jazz, and other genres. Sessions will require micing drums, percussion, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, horns, woodwinds, keyboards, vocals and other exotic instruments.
Beyond the technical aspects involved in a recording session, students gain valuable experience managing the interpersonal dynamics of dealing with artists in the studio, understanding their needs and delivering a professional recording experience. The midterm will be a 20 question written exam. For the final exam, students will be required to successfully record a performance of live musicians in the studio with 4-8 simultaneous inputs. Class size is limited.




COURSE FEE: $1,000


Class Number: 10827

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Please note the Class Number. You will need it to register.

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