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The Music/Recording Industry certificate is under review and is not admitting new students at this time. Please contact the College of Extended Learning for further information.

What Students Are Saying

I really got a lot out of this course — especially what a 'sellable' song is versus a song written for myself, my friends, or a smaller audience. I learned a lot about improving my songwriting.

Student, MRI 336, Art & Business of Songwriting

MRI Means 'More Education'

My experience at San Francisco State has been more than fulfilling, it was money well spent. In high school, I never intended on going to college. I waited ten years before deciding to enroll in my local JC for an understanding of my place at work in the world of music. Now, I'm planning to study for a Master's degree next fall.

A good counselor saw my potential and knew the program for me was at San Francisco State University: the Special Major bachelor's degree through SF State's College of Extended Learning Music/Recording Industry (MRI) program. The MRI has everything you need for a comprehensive introduction to a career in the music industry, and provides a keystone to your educational ambitions.

All the fundamentals are offered, publishing, recording, the PRO's, corporate focus on A&R, management, and distribution; the most outstanding was the very last class I would ever take through the MRI. During my last semester, I put myself in position for a job in the music industry by enrolling in the field study (internship) class.

I'm quite confident that had it not been for my internship placement at Universal Music & Video Distribution (UM&VD), I would not have been accepted into the University of Westminster's MA Music Business Management Programme in London, England.

The field study classes should've been listed in the course catalog from the inception of the internship program!!! Now, I embark on the second half of my educational career confident that I'm building on a solid San Francisco State/MRI foundation.

Scott Tomingo