Open University: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I register for a class?
  1. What classes are not available through Open University?
    • Graduate culminating experience courses numbered 892 - 895 and 898.
    • All supervisory courses, this includes but is not limited to Independent study courses numbered 699 and 899, Internship Courses, Cooperative Education courses See Special / Independent Study Courses for more registration information.
    • To see a list of courses not available through Open University see Course Restrictions.
  2. How do I know if a class is full?
    • A blue box shows in the course status field within the class schedule.
    • If you use the new Class Schedule, you will see no seats are available.
  3. Is financial assistance available for Open University classes?
    • Yes, there are some financial assistance options available, such as Employee Reimbursement/Assistance and alternative loans. For more information please see Financial Assistance.
  4. Is there a payment plan?
    • No, there is not.
  5. Can I take Open University classes?
    1. I have been dis-enrolled or disqualified from SF State.
      • You can take courses in the term following your disqualification.  If you are disqualified at the end of fall semester, you can take courses in Winter Session or spring semester; if you are disqualified at the end of spring semester, you can take courses in summer session or fall semester.
    2. I am a junior in high school.
      • If you have completed your junior year you must include a letter from your principal or counselor supporting your intent to take Open University classes. Please include this letter with your registration form and payment.
    3. I have applied to SF State, been admitted or have enrolled in a SF State academic credit class for the current semester.
      • You are not eligible for Open University. You are a matriculated student.
      • If you are enrolled for the current semester, you are still considered a matriculated student for the next two semesters, even if you do not take academic credit classes at SF State.
  6. How many units can I take as a disqualified student and where do I go for advising?
    1. You can take up to 24 units to an undergraduate degree and up to 6 units for a graduate degree. To raise your SF State Overall GPA, you must take your courses through Open University at SF State.
    2. For advising, see the Disqualified Student Advising on the Forms page.
  7. How do I order my academic credit transcript?
    • Current students may view and print their unofficial transcripts online at no charge by accessing their Student Center on the SF State Gateway. SF State ID and Password are required in order to use this service. For information about requesting official transcripts visit Transcripts > Ordering OFFICIAL Transcripts.


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