To receive a certificate in English for Professional Purposes, students must complete all three required courses and one elective within a period of three years.

Required Courses

Course #
Required Course CEU
EPP 9005
Good writing is a skill that everybody needs to cultivate in order to advance professionally, and it is especially important for non-native English speakers. Good writing can mean the difference between receiving that promotion you've always wanted and feeling stuck in the same old job you've had for years. Good writing builds confidence, and is the key to success on the job, in your career, even in your daily life. This class teaches you the skills you need to produce clear, concise, and effective business letters, memos, emails, and short reports. You will learn how to format your correspondence for the best effect, write with purpose and direction, and eliminate grammar and writing "pitfalls" through focused editing and revision. You will experience the effect of tone in business writing and develop strategies for winning your reader through positive, active language that inspires and engages. In short, you will be challenged to become a better writer, and you will come away feeling more confident, self assured.
EPP 9015
In this verbal communication course, students will explore American workplace communication practices. Topics may include posing questions, making complaints, timing interruptions, resolving conflict, and/or advocating for oneself or others. Volume, stress, rhythm, and non-verbal communication will be discussed to help students increase their effectiveness when communicating in professional settings.
EPP 9025
If you ever feel self-conscious about having an accent in English or feel that your accent impedes communication, Refining Pronunciation can benefit you. You will learn the technical aspects of the Standard American English accent, get customized feedback on your specific pronunciation issues, and learn how to correct your own mistakes. In addition, you will learn how to speak clearly, accurately, and expressively through a variety of class activities and instructor feedback on recorded homework. An extensive set of recordings that are easily accessible via smartphone app or computer outside of class is provided. You will leave this class with a clear understanding of pronunciation, including before and after speech samples to illustrate your progress. Join this practical, engaging and highly interactive class while increasing your confidence and enjoying yourself along the way.

Elective Courses (Choose One)

Course #
Elective Course CEU
EPP 9062
As a non-native English speaker, you can take your writing to the next level in this five-week intensive approach to better business writing. This class refines the skills and techniques from the Better Business Writing class. You will experience the challenges of such persuasive writing topics as conflict resolution, goodwill writing, and performance evaluations. You will receive personalized feedback on each of your assignments.
EPP 9072
In this online communication course, students will explore verbal and written communication practices within online contexts. With an emphasis on clear, meaningful communication, students will: craft and deliver written proposals and spoken pitches, practice impromptu participation skills in business conversations and meetings, and enhance networking skills.

How to Begin Taking Classes

  • There is no application process to begin taking classes.
  • Obtain SF State ID and Password.
  • Register for classes based on individual goals and prerequisites.
  • Payment is due upon registration. Space is limited. Please register three weeks in advance.
  • Apply for Certificate after all classes have been successfully completed.

Graduation Application

Once a student has completed the necessary coursework, an application for a Certificate of Completion must be submitted. Certificate applications are due, along with a $50 non-refundable fee and unofficial SF State transcripts showing completion of all necessary classes, after all grades have been submitted.

Download the Graduation Application below. Mail applications to:

SF State Extended Learning
English for Professional Purposes Program
835 Market Street, 6th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

Certificate Graduation Application

Use the following application if you began the certificate in spring 2017 or later:

Use the following application if you began the program prior to fall 2016:


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