Data Analytics Intensive

Demystify Data Analytics – Make Smarter Decisions for Your Business or Career.

For business owners and managers, sales and marketing directors, and professionals in any field who need to understand and use data to make effective decisions in their everyday work flow.

Join us for a four-day, bootcamp-style intensive.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics Intensive Overview:

Module 1: Data Analysis Using Excel

  • Basic data manipulations: loading data to Excel, basic data manipulation using key-combinations
  • Functions: arithmetic functions, IF and nested IF, SUMIF, logic functions (AND, OR, XOR, NOT), VLOOKUP, RAND, RANDBETWEEN, etc.
  • Data filtering, sorting and pivot tables
  • Charts and graphs: line charts, pie charts, column charts, scatter plots, histograms, pivot charts

Module 2: Visualization & Communication Using Tableau

  • Tableau’s user interface
  • Create important graphs in Tableau, such as scatterplots, bar charts, line charts, pie charts, treemaps, bubble charts, etc.
  • Learn to identify/separate outliers using scatterplots, filters and groups
  • Use trend lines and box plots to model your data
  • Create calculated fields to enrich data analysis
  • Blend multiple datasets
  • Create table calculations for more advanced analytical tasks
  • Use parameters to allow user interacting with the visualized data
  • Create a dashboard and a data story

Module 3: MySQL for Data Storage and Manipulation

  • RDBMS terminology
  • Data types
  • Import/export table data
  • SQL queries
  • The select statement
  • The order by clause
  • The group by clause
  • Join tables
  • Functions

Module 4: Data Analysis Using Python

  • Learn the basic features of Python: basic data structures such as list and dictionary, regular expressions, functions, file I/Os, etc.
  • Get familiar with Pandas, a Python-based library for data preprocessing


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