Strategic Communications in Times of Crisis or Change

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Class Number: 10821

Spring 2019

P A 9018



Now more than ever nonprofits are required to communicate on a variety of platforms, making it imperative for nonprofit leaders to be able to do more than just deliver distinct and powerful messages about their organizations. Today's leaders also have to be savvy in strategically managing their organization's communications plans. Those plans must address members of the press ranging from professional journalists to bloggers and include media outlets from print newspapers to websites to new social media. In order to succeed, nonprofits must harness multiple communication tools and be ready to adapt at a moment's notice, perhaps having to defend against critics of the nonprofit sector who feed off media reports about rogue or fraudulent organizations. Because many nonprofits are facing tighter funding margins than ever and have to compete with social enterprises in order to get their messages heard, nonprofit leaders must be equipped with the tools they need to efficiently and effectively communicate to multiple audiences, both internal and external. This course covers the basic elements of crisis communications, including procedures for creating crisis communications plans and for reacting to crises when they occur. Participants will learn how to develop plans for critical audiences and effective strategies for communicating a nonprofit's message during a crisis. Using case studies and in-class exercises, participants will learn about various types of crises that can occur at nonprofit organizations, including related ethical issues, and tips for avoiding common pitfalls of crisis communications.




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Class Number: 10821

Please note the Class Number:10821. Enter it in the
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