Frequently Asked Questions

How much will the entire Certificate of Completion cost?
Less than $2,500 for each 7-course certificate, which covers course fees and materials.

When are classes held?
During the spring (January - May) and fall (September - December) semesters. Each class meets on Friday from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. and the following Saturday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., with an hour off for lunch.

How often are the classes held?
Classes in the Fundamental Management Skills program are held twice per year — once each fall and once each spring semester. Classes in the Leadership & Strategic Management program are held once each year, in either the fall or the spring semester.

How long does the program take to complete?
The Fundamental Management Skills program can be completed in one semester or can be spread out over two or more semesters. The Leadership & Strategic Management program can be completed in one academic year or spread out over three or more semesters.

I’m really interested in just one or two classes. Do I have to take them all?
In order to earn a Certificate, you must complete all seven courses in the corresponding series. But, if you do not want to earn a Certificate, you can take only the courses that interest you most.

Can I “mix and match” courses from the two series and still earn a Certificate?
No. Each series has been designed to provide students with a certain skill set; being awarded the Certificate verifies that you have completed the coursework needed to help you develop those skills.

Can I take classes in both series and earn both Certificates?
Yes! To earn both Certificates you must complete all seven courses in each series. Consult the course schedules each semester to plan accordingly.

How big are the classes?
There are usually about 20 students in the Fundamental Management Skills program classes and eight to ten in the Leadership & Strategic Management program classes. Each class is capped at 30 students and must have a minimum of seven students enrolled in advance of the start date or it will be cancelled.

Are these academic units?
No. This is a professional development certificate that awards Continuing Education Units (CEUs) as opposed to academic units. Ten hours equals one CEU; each course in the program is one CEU. To receive a certificate, students must earn seven CEUs.

Does this program admit F-1 International students and issue I-20 forms?

Can current international students with F-1 student visa status enroll in these classes?
Yes, so long as the international student maintains valid F-1 status at the school that grants them the I-20 form.

Will I receive grades for these classes?
Each student receives “credit” or “no credit” for each course. In order to receive credit, you must register and pay for the course, attend the entire 10 hours, and participate in class activities and discussions. Students who attend only a portion of the class or otherwise do not participate in class activities will not receive credit for the course.

I’m thinking about applying to the Master of Public Administration Program. If I get accepted, will these CEU credits count towards that degree?
No, this is a professional development certificate that awards CEUs and CEUs cannot be converted to academic units.

Can I transfer credits from other programs to this one?
No. In order to earn a Certificate, you must complete all seven courses in the corresponding program at SF State.

What is the application and registration process?
There are no prerequisites and no formal application process. To enroll in a course, simply register and pay the fee. To register, call (415) 405-7700 [press 5] or visit the class schedule.

When is the registration deadline?
We recommend that you register about two weeks before the class begins and ask that you register at least five days before the class begins. You may also register and pay on-site with a check or money order at the beginning of class.

Do I have to pay for everything up front?
No (but you can). You are welcome to register and pay as you go, but once you register for a course, you must make payment within five days or by the time the class starts, whichever comes first, or you will be dropped from the roster.

If I attend a few hours of a ten-hour course, but do not attend the rest, can I receive a refund?
No. If you are unable to attend a course you have registered and paid for, you can receive a refund only if you notify us in advance of the class start date.

Is there financial aid for this program?
Unfortunately, there is no federal aid for non-academic programs at this time.

Do you offer job placement?
No, but we do share internship announcements and job postings with interested students.

Do you post internships or jobs?
Yes! If you have a listing you’d like us to post, send complete information to