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Photo: Judge Ruth Astle

Judge Ruth Astle

Ruth Astle, JD, has been an administrative law judge for 22 years. In this capacity, she presides over hearings in many areas of administrative law, including licensing and entitlements such as public employee and teacher retirement issues. She also serves on a Medical Quality Panel and does contract work for the CA State Bar. Her experience and knowledge come across humbly confident without requiring extra space for ego. Although a major personal undertaking, she mentions her pursuit of an SJD (Scientiae Juridicae Doctor) in International Legal Studies at Golden Gate University as a side note. Her subject: Judicial Ethics. Judge Astle loves teaching. Fortunately for us, she has brought her passion to the SF State Extended Learning Paralegal Studies program and has been a great contributor to the growth of this program for over 20 years. Judge Astle remembers teaching only five students in a class years ago. Today, the classrooms are filled to the max. She stresses that administrative law is an area in which Paralegals are able to take on much greater responsibilities than in many other areas of the law, for example as social security advocates. Outside of the courtroom, Ruth Astle is an accomplished photographer, specializing in architecture and portrait photography, and a proud grandmother of four.