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Bureau of Labor Statistics | Occupational Outlook for Paralegals & Legal Assistants

A note from program director Pat Medina:
This website link will take you to the latest information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on job growth in the paralegal field which is projected at 8% up to 2024. Note the difference in growth for paralegals compared to other jobs in the legal field. All of this data makes choosing a paralegal career a sound decision.


"Getting your foot in the Door: Strategies for Landing Your First Paralegal Job," (PDF) by Monica Muehsam. Reprinted with permission from Paralegal Today.

"Résumé Pitfalls: 10 Mistakes You Should Avoid," (PDF) by Christy Hall Benson, CLA, NCCP. Reprinted for educational use with permission from Paralegal Today.

"Thinking Outside the Box for Jobs for Paralegals in Administrative Agencies," (PDF) by Mary Noe. From the American Association for Paralegal Education 2010 conference.

"Legal Hiring & Salary Outlook (2010)," (PDF) by Christy Pashia. Reprinted for educational use from Facts & Findings.

"Tips for Job Seekers," (PDF) by Kim Clancy

"23 Reasons Why People Are Not Hired," (PDF) by Kim Clancy

"The Mergis Group's Guidelines for Paralegal Job Searches," (PDF) by The Mergis Group

"Guerilla Tactics for the Paralegal Job Search," (PDF), by Anieta McCracken, CP. Reprinted with permission from Paralegal Today.

"Salary Survey Forecasts Rise in Paralegal Hiring," (PDF), by Sally Kane. Reprinted with permission from Paralegal Today.

"Six Soft Skills Everyone Needs," by Larry Buhl, for Yahoo! HotJobs

"Writing a Résumé That Shouts 'Hire Me'," Phyllis Korkki, The New York Times, 02.27.10 (Link courtesy of Kim Clancy of the PLS Advisory Committee)

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