Summer 2018 Class Schedule

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Class Schedule

Select your course(s) from the list below. For descriptions, please see the Sierra Nevada Field Campus website.

Class # Abbrev. Num. Sec. Course Title Start
2018 ASTR 216 01Z Practical Observational Astronomy 07.08.18 07.13.18
2023 BIOL 315 04Z Ecology & Conservation of Bats 07.08.18 07.13.18
2021 BIOL 315 02Z Butterflies of the Sierra Nevada 07.01.18 07.06.18
2022 BIOL 315 03Z Flora of the Sierra Nevada 07.01.18 07.06.18
2024 BIOL 315 05Z Insect Biology & Identification 07.15.18 07.20.18
2020 BIOL 315 01Z Fungi of the Sierra Nevada 06.03.18 06.08.18
2019 ERTH 643 01Z Biogeomorphology of Sierra Nevada Streams / Meadows 06.23.18 06.30.18

Course Fees

  • Each course is $348. ERTH 643 is $646.

Grading Options

  • Academic Credit (classes are 1 academic unit. ERTH 643 is 2 units)
  • Audit (No Credit) if you intend to audit, download the Extended Learning Grading Option Change form below, complete, sign, and give to your instructor.

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