School of Social Work - Mission

The mission of the School of Social Work is to provide educational opportunities that promote a just and secure society. To this end, we are committed to, and base our program on, the principle that social work should:

  • Create a physical environment that sustains all life forms
  • Meet our basic survival needs for food, clothing, shelter, and livelihood
  • Respect our fundamental dignity, and personal and cultural identities
  • Protect all people from avoidable harm

Pupil Personnel Services Credentials

Pupil Personnel Services Credentials (PPSC) authorize individuals who serve as counselors, school psychologists, school social workers, and school child welfare and attendance regulators to provide the following school services in grades 12 and below, including preschool, and in classes organized primarily for adults.

Each specialization allows the holder to provide the following services in addition to the specific service authorization listed on the credential:

  • Techniques for facilitating individual growth and develop ment to achieve academic success
  • Human assessments
  • Problem prevention and early intervention
  • Consultation services
  • Psychological education
  • Coordination and development of school services
  • Legal enablement and constraints
  • Referral and utilization of services

Post-Masters' Pupil Personnel Services Credential Program (PPSC) Program Description for San Francisco State University

Acceptance Process for the PPSC Program

To be eligible, students must select the Social Work Practice with Individuals, Families, and Groups Concentration. MSW students interested in pursuing the PPSC need to speak to the Field Director at the school and to the PPSC coordinator.

Courses Students Must Take to be Eligible for the PPSC

In addition to the required MSW courses, PPSC students must take SW 760, "Social Work and the Law", SW 741, "Graduate Field Work Seminar: School Setting" and SW 865, "Social Work Practice in School Settings."

PPSC Field Placement Experience Requirements

We have the same requirements as all PPSC programs regarding Field Instructor qualifications, the number of field hours, and the types of expected experiences.

Additional University-Specific Requirements for the PPSC

PPSC students must take the PPSC concentration, two- semester field seminar in their second year.

School District Placement Sites

We place students in all of the neighboring Bay Area school districts including but not limited to San Francisco Unified, Oakland Unified, Berkeley, Jefferson, and San José.

Number of Students Typically in the PPSC Program

We typically have between 10 and 12 students each academic year.

Description of Post-Master's PPSC program

Interested candidates need to email the PPSC coordinator and complete a PPSC packet which outlines the field requirements including the verification of field hours under PPSC supervision.