Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory



Summer 2022

ECON 302

Class Number: 2550
3 Units
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Prerequisites: ECON 101*, ECON 102*, and MATH 226* or equivalent; or Statistics majors with MATH 226*.
Determinants of important aggregate economic variables are discussed, including output, consumption, investment, prices level, unemployment, inflation, and interest rates. Analysis of the economy in the short run and in the long run is conducted using appropriate theoretical models. Sources of economic growth are examined. The consequences of macroeconomic policies are analyzed and evaluated. Institutions, such as the Federal Reserve Bank and the US Treasury are discussed.




Online Asynchronous Classes -- Class sessions are entirely online with no set day/time.

Enrollment Requirements:
Must have completed ECON 101, ECON 102, and MATH 226, or must be Statistics majors with MATH 226, to enroll in this course
Required Macroeconomics (w/out NMEL Access)
by Abel

Type: Book
Publisher:Addison Wesley
Edition: 8th, Year: 2014
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Class Number: 2550

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