Frequently Asked Questions

What is my SF State Password?

To create or reset your SF State Password, visit SF State ID.

How can I get a refund for a class that I have already paid for? Can you credit my credit card?

Students must officially request refunds by the drop deadline. See Drops and Refunds > How to Drop a Course for details.

If a class that I need to take is full, is there a waiting list?

Unfortunately at this time, we do not have waiting lists for full courses. You can call the registration staff at (415) 405-7700 to check availability. If the course remains full, you may attempt to add the course by obtaining the instructors signature on a registration form. Decision to add additional students into a full course is made by the instructor.

I only need to take a few more units until I get my degree. How can I do this?

Read about our Open University program. If you have not attended SF State as a matriculated student in the past two semesters, you are eligible to enroll in Open University. Open University enables students to take SF State courses without being formally admitted to the University.

How long do I have to pay for my classes?

Fees are due as soon as students are registered. See Payment Due Date.

How do I get to the different campus locations?

Please see the Contact page.

What is the College of Extended Learning?

The College of Extended Learning is a self-supported college at San Francisco State University. We offer academic certificates, professional development certificates, online bachelor's degree completion programs, General Education online courses, individual credit and non-credit courses and access to SF State courses through Open University. Our students consist of matriculated SF State students, working professionals, students who have completed their education, students wanting to take a program that is not offered as a degree and the general public. We offer academic unit, continuing education unit and non-credit courses.