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Continuous Enrollment
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Continuous Enrollment

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The requirement for Culminating Experience Continuous Enrollment applies to all students admitted or re-admitted for fall 2008 or later. Doctoral students should follow program requirements for continuous enrollment and degree completion.

Students who have not completed the Culminating Experience within the two semesters allotted are required to maintain Continuous Enrollment through the College of Extended Learning until the degree is earned. Continuous Enrollment courses are graduate level courses set up by Extended Learning for SF State students who need to remain actively enrolled in the University while they finish their graduate work.

Here are some key points about Continuous Enrollment classes:

  • They are set up as 499-level classes.
  • There are no units granted and no grade is assigned.
  • The fee is $300 per class.
  • This course is only offered in fall and spring.
  • Extended Learning offers Continuous Enrollment courses for each of the eight colleges every semester.


Retroactive Add

To retroactively add the class when the semester is over:

  1. Please contact the Graduate Studies Office at (415) 338-2231 to make sure you are term-activated for the term you need to retroactively add the class, and to see if the negative service indicator authorizing you to take the class is placed on your account.
  2. Download and complete the Registration Form (PDF) and Petition for Waiver of College Regulations (PDF).
  3. Complete both forms. Check the retroactive add box on the petition form, explain why your registration is late in the space provided, and sign the form. You do not need to secure any other signatures - Extended Learning will do that.


  4. Hand deliver or Express Mail forms to College of Extended Learning at the Downtown Campus (College of Extended Learning, 160 Spear Street, 5th Floor, SF, CA 94105); submit with a check (or money order) for the full course fee, plus the addition of a $50 retro-add late fee (total amount $350); checks are made payable to SFSU-CEL. There is a $25 additional charge for each additional retro semester.


Division of Graduate Studies

Learn more about Continuous Enrollment on the Division of Graduate Studies website.