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SF State Extended Learning is a self-support college which receives no state funding for its programs; therefore, financial aid is extremely limited. Financial aid, if granted, is only available to students who are enrolled in at least six units per semester and are admitted to a financial aid-approved Extended Learning certificate or degree program (see list below).

To avoid being dropped for non-payment, students should confirm their Financial Aid award status in their SF State Gateway Student Center prior to registration. Students can check their Extended Learning Financial Aid status online through the SF State Gateway or they can contact the Financial Aid Office at (415) 338-7000.

Students who have an "approved" financial aid status in their SF State Gateway Student Center will not be dropped from their course/s for non-payment, and will remain enrolled unless the students drop the course/s themselves.

Since all approved Extended Learning Financial Aid students are exempt from non-payment drop, these students are responsible for dropping their course/s before or by the drop deadline. Courses can be dropped online, over the phone, or in person. (See How to Drop a Course.) Failure to drop a course/s by the drop deadline may result in a financial obligation to the University and possibly an 'F' or a 'W/WU' on the student's record. Students are responsible to check their schedule to ensure accuracy using SF State Gateway.

Students are responsible to check for the Financial Aid disbursement dates and their award amounts. Having a Financial Aid "award" does not guarantee that all course fee/s will be covered by Financial Aid. If a student's award amount is less than the full amount of course fees owed, the remaining balance is due to Extended Learning immediately upon disbursement or a financial hold will be place on the student account.

Students who are awarded Financial Aid are highly encouraged to check their student account for any financial holds or financial obligations that may prevent their Financial Aid from disbursement. Students can check for any financial holds or financial obligations in their SF State Gateway or contact the Bursar’s Office at (415) 338-1281 and the Financial Aid Office at (415) 338-7000.

Students with no “awarded” Financial Aid in place in their SF State Gateway before registering for classes will be personally responsible for paying fees by their payment due date. Students, who were not “awarded” Financial Aid and have not paid for their course fees, will be dropped for non-payment. Students may re-enroll on a space available basis. When re-enrolling, students are responsible for either paying fees by their new payment due date, or ensuring they are awarded Financial Aid. If classes have already begun, an instructor signature will be required to re-enroll in the class, and payment must be made at the time of registration or proof of a Financial Aid award in the student’s record at SF State Gateway.

Students are advised to talk to their Financial Aid counselor before and after registration and remain up-to-date on their Financial Aid award status as well as disbursement.

Financial Aid Advisor

(415) 338-7000

Extended Learning Financial Aid Programs

Note: No Financial Aid for Winter Session

Students accepted in, and enrolled in any of the following College of Extended Learning certificate, credential or degree programs during the fall, spring and summer semesters may be eligible for Federal financial aid.




  • Accelerated Entry Level Master of Science in Nursing (ELM-A)
  • MBA for Executives
  • Nursing, BS - Canada Cohort
  • Nursing, BS - Mills Peninsula Cohort
  • Nursing, MS - VA/Stanford

For more information, visit Office of Student Financial Aid > Extended Learning.

Financial Aid Withdrawals & Refunds

See Financial Aid Withdrawals & Refunds