How to Partner with SF State


Procedure for Establishing an Official Recruiting Agency Partnership with San Francisco State University (SF State)


Step 1 - Inquiry

  1. Send an inquiry email with your company information to and express your interest in working for San Francisco State University (SF State) as an official recruiting partner.
  2. Depending on which programs you would like to forge a partnership, the College of Extended Learning (CEL) / Office of International Programs (OIP) will email you the agent application form.
  3. Answer all questions in the application and provide three institutional references.
  4. Submit the completed application.

Step 2 - Reference Check

  1. Upon receiving your application, we will review your agency's information and conduct a thorough reference check.
  2. We will email a draft of the "San Francisco State University (SF State) Recruiting Services Agreement" to your agency once the reference checks are successfully conducted. You will need to state that you agree with the terms of the agreement.

Step 3 - Review and Approval

  1. We will submit the completed customized agreement to the California State University (CSU) Chancellor's Office for review and approval.
  2. After we receive approval from the CSU Chancellor's Office, the College of Extended Learning (CEL) / Office of International Programs (OIP) will mail the approved agreement back to you for your signature.
  3. Once we receive two hard copies of the signed agreement from you, we will forward them to the University for final approval and submit them to the President's Office for signature. Once the two parties have signed the agreement, it becomes official.
  4. We will express mail you the executed SF State Recruiting Services Agreement with Certificate of Agency.
  5. We will email you a scanned copy of the agreement, certificate and a link to the SF State Agent web page by email.