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Construction Professional

Online Certificates

Online Certificates

Choose from six certificates
Cost: $3,380 - $7,260

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About the Construction Professional Program



Construction workers who are trained and educated advance faster in their careers, earn higher wages, and are more productive, increasing their employer’s bottom line. We offer access to a core selection of online classes in partnership with Construction Experts to help expand and develop your construction skills and strategies. Advance your construction career with a class or a professional certificate.

Why Enroll?

Learn from Experienced Industry Professionals
Faculty bring a wide range of expertise, techniques, methods and applications to help students gain valuable skills.

Gain a Solid Construction Foundation
Start with Construction Math, Blueprint Reading, or choose Estimating and Bidding, Materials and Processes, or Building Green.

Six Comprehensive Certificate Programs
Take individual classes or earn a certificate.

Convenient Online Classes
Each class offers 4.5 CEUs toward professional development goals in an interactive format.

Online Certificates of Completion

Whether you are looking for a new career path and seeking to better understand current construction practices, or a veteran in the construction business looking to develop your project management skills, this program will help you progress in this industry.

We offer six online certificates of completion.

  • Civil Site Work Construction
  • Construction Practices
  • Construction Estimating
  • Construction Project Management
  • Construction Supervision - Emphasis in Building
  • Construction Supervision - Emphasis in Civil Site Work

Online Certificates


Time & Cost

Course Fee: $576 per class*
Textbooks: Approximately $100 - $150/class
Duration of Each Class: 10 Weeks (4.5 CEUs/class)

Students may take individual courses based on experience or choose a certificate. Students will spend an average of 3 - 5 hours per week working in class.

*Subject to change

Partnership with Construction Experts

This program is presented in partnership with Construction Experts. Formed in 1994, Construction Experts provides guided online courses for educational institutions and nonprofit industry organizations. The organization's classes provide much needed skills training for construction professionals looking to gain an edge in the marketplace.

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What Students Say


Kelly Siever

“I think the biggest thing I will take from this class is the ability to speak and understand in general terms what types of equipment are used on a project, how they operate and how they affect cost, schedule and profit. I will also feel more confident when dealing with subcontractors regarding surveying and earthwork because I now have a general understanding of a lot of the aspects that go into these parts of the project.”

Kelly Sevier
108 Construction Equipment & Methods
Winter 2020