Spanish/English Interpretation (Legal/Court)

Prepare for the State of California Court Interpreter Certification Exam, the Consortium Exam, and the NBCMI Medical Interpreter Certificate Exam

The SF State online Spanish/English Interpretation program is designed to prepare students to pass the California Court Bilingual Interpreter Exam, the National Center for State Courts (Consortium) Exam, and the NBCMI Medical Interpreter Certificate Exam.

Students develop the interpreting skills necessary for service as a Spanish/English interpreter in the courts, in state agencies, in the medical evaluation system of workers’ compensation, and in healthcare institutions. Our online program offers the highest academic standards, and quality instructors with real-life experience. Faculty are state-certified court interpreters.

With our online classes, students can now take advantage of our certificate program whether they reside in Northern California, Southern California or any state that offers the Consortium Exam and the NBCMI Medical Interpreter Certificate Exam.

“So the Truth is Not Lost in Translation”
“Para que la Verdad no se Pierda en la Traducción”

Why Choose SF State's Online Interpretation Program?

  • High academic standards
  • Quality instructors with real life experience
  • Access to iLearn online technology
  • Rigorous entrance requirements

Cost & Length of Program

For those entering the program as of the summer 2019 semester, the total cost of all six online courses required to earn the certificate will be approximately $3,582, plus a $50 non-refundable application fee. Fees are charged on a course-by-course basis each semester and are subject to change. Texts and elective courses are additional. The program is designed so participants can complete requirements in 17 - 22 months.

Online Courses

Learn more about our online interpretation training in this introductory video featuring program director Eric Bishop. If you have questions or would like more information about online training, please contact Eric Bishop.

Introduction to Online Legal/Court Interpretation Courses



Spanish/English Interpretation Graduate Angelica Ortiz-Cichocki

“It was impressive to see how effective the program is at conveying topics online. The instructors did an excellent job at creating a positive and constructive atmosphere.”

Angelica Ortiz-Cichocki, Graduate



Spanish/English Interpretation Graduate Liliana Perdomo

“I really enjoyed being able to take the classes online, at my pace. It is not an easy program at all. You need a lot of discipline and commitment. But with the guidance of the wonderful teachers and the resources provided, I think I am going into the right path of passing the Court Interpreter State Exam.”

Liliana Perdomo, Graduate



Spanish/English Interpretation Student Patricia Juárez

“Online classes are a little new to me so I was worried about not being able to get that one-on-one feedback structure. Luckily, I really felt like I got great feedback here. The instructors really spend so much time answering questions online and always made themselves available for online video conferences.”

Patricia Juárez, Student