Nonprofit Management

Grant Writing Class

Grant Writing Starts 10/18

Our Grant Writing class will give you the skills you need to get funding for your nonprofit organization. Class with Audrey Magnusen starts 10/18.

Volunteer Management Class Starts 11/8

Volunteer Management Starts 11/8

Learn to identify a range of potential volunteer positions in your organization — then recruit & manage your volunteers. Volunteer Management: From Boards to Bag Stuffers with Bruce Marcus starts 11/8.



Certificates of Completion:
Fundamental Management Skills and
Nonprofit Leadership & Strategic Management
Offered during Spring & Fall Only


Nonprofit organizations serve the interests of the community. They comprise an increasingly significant portion of the American economy as an essential element in American civic life, spanning fields as diverse as health care, education, human services, environmental management, criminal justice, and the arts.

The Nonprofit Management Certificate Program provides accessible, relevant and cost-effective management training, filling a well-recognized gap in the nonprofit sector. Topics include board development, financial management, grant writing and integrated marketing communications. Students may take individual courses or take all seven to earn either the Fundamental Management Skills Certificate or the Nonprofit Leadership and Strategic Management Certificate. Courses provide a stimulating and supportive climate for exploring the pressing issues facing current and future nonprofit leaders.


Students in this program are either managing the day-to-day work of a nonprofit or are making strategic decisions, setting policy and helping set the organization's vision at various levels of leadership.

Certificate of Completion in Fundamental Management Skills

  • professionals working in the nonprofit sector
  • professionals working in a governmental or private setting who would like to work or volunteer in the nonprofit sector
  • students without professional experience who seek to prepare themselves for nonprofit careers

Certificate of Completion in Nonprofit Leadership & Strategic Management

  • nonprofit professionals new to senior management positions
  • senior managers who have recently transitioned from the public or private sector and are new to nonprofit leadership
  • nonprofit leaders who are facing new management and leadership challenges; leaders include executive directors, department directors, board members, and key volunteers


Nonprofit Management Student Tamira Jones

On the Nonprofit Leadership & Development Certificate:

“What I liked most about the program was learning from seasoned nonprofit professionals with a cohort of practitioners from all levels of the nonprofit sector – from board members and program officers, to those starting their own nonprofit. Learning with others who had years of experience and those who had a lot of questions brought a depth and application to the program that I appreciated.”

Tamira Jones, Graduate
Program Manager
Earth Island Institute



Nonprofit Management Student Ben Mok

On the Special Events Planning Course:

“If you want a course to teach you everything you want to know about Special Event Planning, this is it. Laurie Earp has a lot of energy, passion and experience in this space!”

Ben Mok, Student
Development Manager
Chinese Culture Center


Regina Neu, Nonprofit Management Faculty

“If you want to build your skills in the nonprofit management sector, this program is a great way to learn practical skills and develop your resource bank to either enter or grow your career in the nonprofit sector.”

Regina Neu, Faculty
SF State Distinguished Teaching Award Recipient