What Students Say

The Nonprofit Management certificate program will be discontinued as of fall 2020, and no classes will be offered for the program at this time. Please contact the College of Extended Learning for further information.

Questions? Contact sfsucel@sfsu.edu.

The [Financial Management] instructor was very passionate about the subject and is extremely knowledgeable. The information received is far beyond my expectation. It was very relevant to the nonprofit that I currently manage: totally invaluable.

Sharron Dawkins, Operations Manager, Lottie Johnson Memorial Housing, Inc.

I highly recommend this program! It has really helped me to learn about working in and running a nonprofit! The tuition is reasonable and the location is great. I also love the weekend format as I work full-time.

Ellen O'Dea, Accountant, Union Square Investment Company

The Nonprofit Management Program has exceeded my expectations and sparked an interest in a career in the field.

Marcos Trujillo, Media Relations, Wilcox Agri-Products

The program really marries education with real day-to-day situations in the nonprofit world.

Corey Best, Welder/Artist/Teacher, Self-Employed

This program has given me the inside scoop on how to be more effective in my organization.

Alejandro Rios, Business Manager, ASI - SF State

The Nonprofit Management Program does a great job introducing the elements of a nonprofit. The professors are very knowledgeable and have hands-on experience that is extremely relevant to the subject matter. The program was also a great networking tool and provides exposure to many nonprofits and foundations in the Bay Area.

Amanda Philips, Administrative Assistant, Informing Change

I am walking out with a bag full of knowledge which will help me in every step of my career.

Nileshwari Kumari

When I found out that SF State offered certificates in nonprofit management I was very excited. Not only does the curriculum reflect my current work and every day interests, but it provides direction and motivation for moving forward.

Emily Switzer, VP of Finance, Associated Students, Inc.

This program has courses I look forward to attending because I know that in them I will be presented with material I can't get anywhere else. I feel like the courses are providing me with a better understanding of the nonprofit sector.

Samantha Graziani, Administrative Assistant

A great program! I work in an organization with over 150 employees. I'll recommend this program to my co-workers.

Julio Soriano, Health Education Coordinator, Tri-City Health Center

This program is truly thorough and engaging. I feel confident in utilizing skills learned in a short amount of time. The take away felt more like I took a three-week course instead of just two days.

Dana Werdmuller, Director of Marketing & PR, Carmel Bach Festival, Inc.

The program helped me to understand the landscape of the nonprofit sector and to develop the fundamental skills I need to start my career.

Cassie Quasebarth, Americorps VISTA, Good Cents for Oakland

If you're looking to transition from the for-profit sector, this program is for you. It's a great introduction to the nonprofit sector and provides an inspiring environment with like-minded individuals.

Margo Collins, Unemployed, looking to transition into the nonprofit sector