Registration Policies

How to Register

See Register.

How to Pay

See Payment.

Holds/Financial Obligations

Students with holds at SF State are not eligible to register. Students with financial obligations have holds placed on their records and must pay debts prior to registration. Students with financial holds are not allowed to register through SF State Extended Learning and cannot receive transcripts or SF State registration packets. If the obligation continues to appear on SF State reports, the student's name is submitted to the Franchise Tax Board. The State then has the authority to withhold amounts owed to SF State from any tax refund. Please call the SF State Bursar's Office at (415) 338-1281 for information.

First Class Meeting Registration

If you plan to enroll at the first class meeting, please check the online schedule for schedule changes and space availability before coming in to enroll. After obtaining the instructor's signature, you must submit a completed registration form and payment by check, money order or cashier's check (no cash) to the college's SF State campus or Downtown Campus office.

We do not recommend enrolling in a class after it begins without the consent of the instructor. If you should enroll and pay for a class after it begins without permission from the instructor, and upon attending the class, the instructor does not allow you to remain in the class, or you are unable to catch up on missed class meetings, or find the remainder of the class not useful, you will be subject to the refund deadlines and policies at the time of the drop.


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