Social Media Marketing Intensive

Social Media Marketing Intensive

Learn about our three-day Social Media Marketing Intensive, January 22 - 24, 2020.

Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

Meet Andy Sartori, Social Media Marketing graduate and principal at MealPro.


The Marketing Certificate Program teaches students traditional, digital and social strategies while providing them an opportunity to apply their knowledge as they develop sample marketing plans, campaigns and research projects. The program offers three concentration areas - which comprise the full certificate — and three fast-track certificates in Marketing Essentials, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. The program offers students the flexibility to take individual courses, the four courses required to earn a fast-track certificate, or all 12 courses to earn a full Marketing Certificate.

Intended Audience

Students in this program are new to marketing or have been in the marketing field and want to update their knowledge and skills.

Program Objectives

  • Compare and contrast traditional, digital and social media marketing
  • Teach the importance of targeting specific audiences with tailored strategies, tactics and messaging
  • Introduce tools that help execute the process of building, growing and evaluating marketing efforts.

Cost & Length of Study*

The cost for the full 12-course Marketing Certificate is $4500, plus a $50 certificate fee. Each fast-track certificate consists of four courses and costs approximately $1,500, plus a $50 certificate fee.

Students may complete a fast-track certificate in five to six weeks or all three fast-tracks to earn the Marketing certificate if taken within two semesters.

Courses may be taken independently or for a certificate of completion.

*Subject to change

Social Media Marketing Intensive

Get up to speed quickly on the latest in Social Media Marketing! Sign up for the Social Media Marketing Three-Day Intensive. Ideal for local and out-of-town professionals. Usually offered in summer and winter only; cannot be applied toward fast-track or Marketing certificates.